Technotrack is bringing advanced telemetric (GPS tracking combined with wireless communication) products to the consumer market.

Our product allows consumers to track the location and manage their vehicle with their mobile phone and be notified when unexpected events such as kidnapping, accident, or break-in occur.

We will be also adding support for other wireless networks to improve the coverage of our products


Fleet management Vehicle tacking Recovery. We assist customers in recovery of stolen vehicles any time since our station is manned 24 hours. This we achieve by helping locate the vehicles and then liaising with police in the recovery process. Our system has the capability of monitoring vehicles anywhere in Eastern Africa.

Cost benefit Hiring-Due to capital constraints and to give customers time to gain confidence with our system, we are always ready to hire the system out to the customer as opposed to selling it. This is an arrangement that we have had with different customers who find the initial cash outflow prohibitive

Track sure-This is a product that combines insurance and tracking. We are licensed insurance agents trading several insurance companies. Any customers who insure their business with us enjoy the tracking system at a discounted rate or free of charge depending


We are Licensed to carry the business by Communication commission of Kenya During the installation of the tracking system, only the client is allowed to see where the tracking devices are been fitted.

We do the installations in different parts of the vehicle such that even a person who happens to see the device in one vehicle will have difficulties in checking other vehicles.

Professional Indemnity cover-The company normally takes a professional indemnity cover every year to cover for any professional negligence which include damage of the vehicle during the installation.

Technicians-we employ qualified technicians whom we request for identity documents so that in the event of anything we can still find them.

In addition, we normally request a certificate of good conduct before employment to mitigate risks of employing criminals.


The following Companies have approved us as their provider of tracking services:
• Gold Crown Kenya Limited
• SimbaNet COM limited
• Vehicle And Equipment Leasing Limited
• St Johns Ambulance
• Hivos – People Unlimited
• KCB Bank Kenya Limited
• Co-operative Bank of Kenya Limited
• Stanbic Bank Kenya Limited
• Sidian Bank Kenya Limited
• SMEP Microfinance BANK