Techno Track

Fleet Management

Event Log-Events such as engine on/off, vibration alrm, door open/close are sent with a time stamp of the event and may be configured remotely and sent with or without the exact GPS location taken at the time of the event.

Driver identification-Authorized drivers ID’s for the specific vehicles are downloaded to the unit OTA and only the driver that has a matching key ID can start the vehicle and the driver’s ID is sent to the control centre database

Store and Forward-The unit can store up to 5000 events when out of cellular coverage then send them automatically when back to cellular coverage.

Geo Fence-Auto alarm with GPS location when the unit moves in and out of a predetermined zone. Tow detection-The unit detects when the unit is moving while the ignition is off.

Starter Killer-when the unit is stolen, a command can be sent over the air to kill the starter so once the ignition is turned off it cannot be ignited until another command to start is sent

Accurate Driven distance

User friendly and accurate reports

Cost Calculation-If one knows the cost per kilometer travelled, the system can calculate the cost of running the vehicle for you